ластичен колан екстра

Medical elastic waist band Extra

Self-zipping–possible with adjustable hook and loop closures (Velcro).

  • Cotton waist band – 99% cotton; 1% polyester.
  • Wool waist band – wool 8%, wool acrylic – 32%, cotton – 58%, polyester – 2%.
Size: №1, №2, №3, №4, №5, №6, №7, №8 – each packaged separately.

Use: From the moment you wake up, your back starts to work. Unless you are lying down completely, your back has to support the weight of your upper body, and control the balance to keep an upright posture. People have lower back pain because of the imbalanced pressure caused by improper motions or excessive rotation.

  • Can be worn during sports for slimming effect & healthy warming effects.
  • Aids in the recovery from back pain fatigue.
  • Improves circulation where applied..
  • Supports lower back.
  • Promotes good posture.

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