About Rotemel

ROTEMEL Ltd. was founded in the city of Sandanski on January 23, 1995. As of today the company has 15-year experience in the manufacturing and distribution of medical, sports and hygiene products, all of which are commercially successful.

ROTEMEL Ltd. is well accepted in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality, low-priced goods. We are a leader on the Bulgarian market and we work hard to continuously improve the quality through modernization of the production process in order to further meet the demands of our clients.

ROTEMEL – Business Principles and Practices

ROTEMEL Ltd. commits to comply with the world-level ethical standards in business and the company obeys the local legislation.
  • The commercial goal of ROTEMEL is to create value to its customers, employees, and business clients;
  • ROTEMEL is goal-oriented towards strategic development and is not seeking for short-term profits. The company chooses to invest in the manufacturing of products of value and to expand the recognition of its name;
  • ROTEMEL realizes that our customers trust our name and the principles it stands for. Also, we realize that without our clients the company would not exist;
  • ROTEMEL is certain that the success of a company is based on the professionalism of its management and employees. This is why, we devote a great care to our employees, their values, their well-being, and their attitude toward the working process as well as their professional and personal development;
  • ROTEMEL is one of the leading manufacturers of medical products in Bulgaria. Our motto is: CUSTOMER IS KING.
Rudy Temelkoff, Founder of ROTEMEL Ltd.

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